Winchester Gun Safe Tractor Supply

A popular store, Tractor Supply has collaborated with Winchester to develop a cheaper version of the latter’s 24 capacity gun safe. The model that comes from their collaboration comes with lower-end and cheaper locks with a thinner safe encasing made of steel. Read the full review of the Tractor Supply Winchester 24 Gun Safe and find out how it fares.


  • It comes with proven fire protection and security measures, and consists of extra storage space.
  • The safe is offered with a limited lifetime warranty for free delivery, free replacement and free opening of safe during burglary or fire hazards.
  • The safe measures 59 x 28 x 20 inches and has an overall weight of 376 pounds.
  • It surpasses the California DOJ standards.
  • It has as many as 24 long guns at the same time, along with 4 pistol holders that are included in the safe.


  • The gun safe is made of welded solid steel and its outer barrel hinges are constructed out of the same material.
  • Its hard plate is heat-treated and drill-proof. Thus, attempts to tamper the safe and get hold of the guns within are not possible.
  • It is made secure with an electronic lock that is super-safe, and does not have any key override or solenoid vulnerabilities.
  • This is a highly fire-resistant safe and has been proven to be capable of withstanding as high temperature as 1,400°F for as long as 45 minutes. The safe comes with fireboard protection of UL rating for the door, walls and ceiling. Its Palusol door seal expands 6 times its actual size on contact with heat, thus offering a barrier against smoke and heat from the outside.
  • The door pockets are zipped and come with thermal-protective lining that let you keep all the important documents such as gun license and other papers easily stored within.


The safe is too heavy for one person to carry alone, and shift it from one place to another.


If you are looking for a good steel safe that can keep your precious guns and papers protected – even in case of a fire hazard – this is a great option to buy. Its heavy size can be a bother, but if you are not really looking for a safe to carry along or shift often, you will undoubtedly like this piece from Tractor Supply – Winchester.

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